Car accidents: SUV driver allegedly causes fatal crash

Even when motorcycle riders wear helmets, they remain vulnerable. Motorists are protected by the bodies of cars that are specially designed to absorb the impact of car accidents while motorcyclists are exposed to injuries that can be catastrophic. When a group of helmet-wearing motorcyclists were recently involved in a Tennessee crash, two lost their lives and six suffered injuries.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol’s preliminary accident report states that a 31-year-old driver of an SUV was eastbound on a Maryville roadway when she allegedly veered into the turn lane before crossing into the westbound lanes. This was apparently followed by a horrific accident when she crashed into four motorcycles that were traveling in the westbound lanes. THP reportedly closed the road to reconstruct and investigate the accident.

It was reported that a Cordova couple, ages 57 and 51 respectively, were killed in this accident, while six other riders suffered injuries and were rushed to a local hospital. The driver of the SUV and her 3-year-old passenger were also taken to the hospital for treatment of the injuries they suffered. THP reported that toxicology test results are pending, as the SUV driver was allegedly under the influence of drugs. They were not sure whether alcohol was also involved. THP said charges were pending.

Tennessee victims of car accidents — or the surviving families of those who have lost their lives — will likely experience financial difficulties resulting from high medical and end-of-life expenses, where applicable. If they can show that the accidents were the result of negligence by other parties, they may pursue compensation. Financial relief may be obtained by filing personal injury and/or wrongful death claims in a civil court.

Source:, “Two Cordova residents killed, six injured in East Lamar Alexander Parkway crash“, Wes Wade, May 24, 2015




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