Injuries due to animal bites in the limelight

May 18 is the beginning of the annual National Dog Bite Awareness Week in the United States. Annually, in the United States, at least 4.5 million people suffer injuries after being bitten by dogs, and children make up at least half of this number. It is quite shocking to think so many people are bitten yearly, and the statistics put most of the blame on irresponsible dog owners. Fortunately, Tennessee residents who are bitten have the right to take legal actions against those irresponsible owners.

A number of groups have come together to educate people about responsible conduct with and around dogs. Dog bites are something that can be avoided, which is why the public will receive a variety of tips to help prevent dog bites. Both dog owners and non-owners will be able to benefit from the tips.

The groups include veterinarians, members of the postal service, doctors and even representatives from the insurance industry. The people making up these groups deal with all the different aspects of dog bites — from being the victims, to healing the victims, to dealing with claims from victims, to dealing with the culprits. They are, therefore, in ideal positions to provide tips.

It is important for all dog owners in Tennessee to ensure their dogs do not harm other people. Victims who suffer injuries after being bitten by dogs may choose to file personal injury claims. If the evidence proves that a dog owner acted negligently and did not ensure that his or her dog was properly restrained, a court may award financial damages to a victim.

Source:, “Dog Bite Awareness Week kicks off“, May 16, 2015




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