Car wreck leaves victim’s home, property damaged

When most of us think about damages from car crashes, we probably imagine vehicles being destroyed – but other types of property can also be affected by collisions. This is demonstrated by a recent chain-reaction car wreck in Nashville, Tennessee, in late May, which left a homeowner looking for answers after damages to his house. Official reports show that the chain-reaction crash totaled elements of the man’s house and other personal effects.

Authorities say that the collision happened on May 26 in South Nashville, when a homeowner awoke to find that his trailer, a car, and his front porch were all damaged because of a car crash. The at-fault driver reportedly struck the victim’s trailer first. That vehicle contained some construction material that was then sent crashing through the victim’s home and other car. The victim stated that many items on his property are now “totaled,” and he even reported that the crash knocked a clock off of his wall in the home.

Not all victims of personal injury or property damage are in a vehicle at the time of a car crash. Just consider pedestrians that are walking alongside the road, for instance. What if the victim in this case was injured by falling debris in his home? What about property owners whose holdings are damaged when an irresponsible driver crashes into a building or sign? Instead of limiting our idea of car accident victims to those who are in another vehicle, we should expand our definition to make sure that all victims get the compensation they need and deserve.

Even if you were not in a vehicle at the time of a car accident, you may be entitled to damages because of a car accident. Victims deserve financial compensation for personal injury, property damage and other claims associated with a car crash. A team of attorneys can help victims learn more about their legal rights.

Source: Antioch Patch, “Wild South Nashville Crash Damages Car, Van, Porch, Trailer,” J.R. Lind, May 29, 2017




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