Did driver negligence cause serious injury to Tennessee student?

Every time an individual gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle in Tennessee, a duty of reasonable care is owed to others in or near the roadway. Perhaps nowhere is that duty more important than near a school bus. Car accidents can occur in a moment of time, and driver negligence is often a factor in collisions. A recent pedestrian accident involving a young student attempting to board a bus in Jonesborough has authorities investigating exactly what happened.

The car accident occurred on a Monday morning earlier this month at just about 6 a.m. A 12-year-old girl was trying to board her school bus. The preliminary information suggests she exited a car and ran across the roadway to get on the bus. She was struck by a car in the process, though information on the nature and extent of the child’s injuries was not immediately available.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol was said to be looking into the accident. The position of the vehicles was not further described, and it is as yet unknown whether the school bus had warning lights operating or if a stop sign was extended from the vehicle. These and other issues will likely be the focus of the investigation.

When an individual is injured due to driver negligence on Tennessee roadways, a personal injury claim may be appropriate through our civil court system. The prevailing concern and hope is that the girl recovers quickly and completely. Nevertheless, the family reserves its right to assess the viability of a claim for monetary damages based upon any evidence of negligence that is gathered from the collision.

Source: wcyb.com, “Child hit by car while boarding school bus,” Preston Ayres, Nov. 19, 2012




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