Knoxville truck accident kills one after Civic strikes trailer

The Knoxville Police Department recently responded to an overturned tractor-trailer accident that turned fatal for one passenger and may have injured the driver. Whenever a truck accident happens, the damages and injuries can be extensive simply due to the size of the vehicles involved. It is unclear if the driver of the other vehicle involved was injured in the accident.

According to the police report, the other vehicle was a Honda Civic which hydroplaned and lost control. The Civic then slammed into the side of the Freightliner truck, causing the driver of the truck to try and avoid the collision. This resulted in the truck jackknifing and losing control, eventually overturning and injuring at least the passenger inside. Medical reports of the driver’s condition were not available.

It is unknown at this stage in the investigation if the driver of the Civic will be held accountable for the accident or if criminal charges will apply. If evidence speed or impairment is found, then charges of negligence may be given to the driver. The family of the man killed may also be able to seek restitution in civil courts against the driver of the Civic if they are able to prove that the death was the direct result of the accident.

Knoxville residents have the right under state laws to file lawsuits against parties they believe to be responsible for injuries to themselves or fatalities to family members. The man killed in this truck accident may have family that was dependent upon him for support. If so, they may be eligible for compensation, regardless of any criminal charges filed or dismissed.

Source:, “KPD identifies rig passenger killed in I-40 car-truck collision,” Nov. 27, 2012




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