Distracted driving and the efficacy of the laws to prevent it

Even though motorists are aware that there are risks each time they operate the car, most drivers in Tennessee and elsewhere still choose to get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, the same is often true when the dangers of using a phone while driving are highlighted. Despite the public being fully aware of the dangers caused by distracted driving, specifically when a motorist texts or uses a cell phone while driving, many motorists still do this. Thousands of lives are lost each year and many more injured due to distracted driving, resulting it in remaining a major concern on the roadways across the nation.

Concerning statistics

Data from 2019 indicated that 3,142 lost their lives in a distracted driving accident. This was an increase of 10% from the previous year. What is the most concerning about this data is the fact that the number of deaths caused by distracted driving continues to increase while distracted driving laws, enforcement of these laws and public education have also increased. This causes some to question the efficacy of these efforts.

Distracted driving laws and enforcement

A recent study examined current distracted driving laws, enforcement and the public education available across the United States. This study calls attention to what makes these efforts and laws the most effective. It was discovered that jurisdictions that had strong traffic safety laws concerning distracted driving that were also supported and enforced by local law enforcement and provided consistent and ongoing public education and outreach were more likely to have a lower overall traffic fatality rate caused by distracted driving.

While each state has their own form of restrictions concerning distracted driving, the reality is that they vary in scope and rigor. Thus, this issue remains an issue across the nation. Additionally, it highlights the need to enhance distracted driving laws where the numbers remain a concern.

When a distracted driver causes an automobile collision, it can have devastating results. Victims could suffer traumatic injuries or even lose their lives. This can leave victims and their loved ones with overwhelming losses. Therefore, it is important that they consider what options they have, such as filing a civil action. A personal injury action or wrongful death suit could help hold a motorist liable for the damages suffered. While this cannot undo what harm that has been done, it can offset the financial losses caused by the crash.




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