Ways to possibly expedite a claim for Social Security disability

The need for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits can be important for disabled individuals struggling with a medical condition severe enough that prevents them from working. The process of applying for disability benefits can take a long time and, initially at least, oftentimes result in a denial of benefits. For that reason, disabled applicants should know about different options that might help them expedite their application process.

Possible ways to expedite an application

In general, to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, disabled applicants must suffer from a medical condition that prevents them from working or is expected to result in death. There are many illnesses, disorders and medical situations that may qualify a disabled individual for expected processing of a Social Security disability claim including:

  • Illnesses and medical condition that are included on The Social Security Administration’s Compassionate Allowances List. The Compassionate Allowances List includes 242 medical conditions as of 2020 that can shorten the processing of a Social Security disability claim from the usual months or longer to a matter of days. Included on that list of medical conditions are fast-moving cancers, immune-system and neurodegenerative diseases, rare genetic disorders and other illnesses and medical conditions that by definition meet Social Security’s standard for disability.
  • Illnesses that have graduated to the terminal stage can move to the head of the line for processing. Metastasized cancer, or patients in hospice care, can qualify for fast-tracked claims application processing as examples.

Circumstances that help in expediting a claim

Other circumstances may also qualify for expedited processing of a claim. Whether the disabled applicant qualifies for a quick decision on their claim depends on their diagnosis and the severity of their medical condition. It is also helpful to submit a complete claim and all the necessary information and medical records needed as much as possible from the beginning. All of this can potentially help disabled individuals receive the Social Security disability benefits they need.




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