Do I need an attorney for Social Security Disability in Tennessee

Many people who have to file for Social Security Disability, commonly known as SSD, are not sure about how to proceed. This is a common issue that can create problems for the person who needs SSD.

The application process is often complicated, and you may wonder if you need the assistance of an attorney. There are several advantages to working with a lawyer to help you on your SSD claim. Here is some more information to help you make a decision.

Tennessee SSD and SSI claims

The application process for SSD and another type of Social Security disability benefit known as SSI, or Supplemental Security income, is not only complicated, but often quite lengthy. In fact, The Boston Globe reported that federal disability applicants face long wait times, some of whom actually fall into poverty before their claims processing is complete. Some of these people have to appeal a denied claim. Authorities may deny claims for several different reasons.

Sometimes, the application itself is so complicated that just one minor error can lead to a denied claim, even if the applicant is actually entitled to benefits. The risk for a denied claim is one major reason why it can be a smart choice to consult with an attorney who works with SSD and SSI claims to ensure you have a properly completed application with the best chance for acceptance.

Appeals for denied claims

Another common reason people may contact an attorney for an SSI or SSD claim is when benefits are denied following an initial claim. Many applicants may stop at this stage, thinking that they have no recourse. However, many applicants for SSI and SSD benefits receive denials after their first application. Although this can be disheartening and frustrating, it is not a reason to give up, but rather another reason to consult with a qualified attorney.

SSI and SSD claims are complicated matters, and the experience of a qualified attorney can make the process easier. It may also increase your chances for success, by minimizing errors in the application process and ensuring that you meet the requisites necessary to claim benefits.




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