Does the kind of animal influence claims due to bite injuries?

When it comes to injuries suffered due to animal bites, many questions come to mind. One question is if the animal type influences the victim’s right to claim for injuries suffered. Animal bite victims in Tennessee considering filing claims after suffering bite injuries may find that the animal type may play a role.

Dog bites are probably the most common cause of animal bite injuries and most states in the U.S. have enacted certain laws relating to personal injury claims due to dog bites. Some states hold dog owners strictly liable for dog bite injuries. In this instance, regardless of who is at fault, the owner will be held responsible. In other states, the injured victim must prove that the owner knew, or could be expected to have known, that the dog was dangerous and could possibly bite someone.

Specific laws regulating injuries inflicted by horses or other domestic animals do not exist in most states. Cases where a person was injured by a horse or other domestic animal will be dealt with as a case of negligence. An owner will be considered liable if it can be proven that he or she knew, or could be expected to have known, that the animal was dangerous.

In the case of wild animals, owners are held strictly liable if someone is injured by the animal. The main reason is that wild animals are seen as inherently dangerous. No matter what owners did to ensure the animal does not hurt anyone, they may have to face the consequences if the animal ends up biting or hurting a person. Victims suffering animal bite injuries in Tennessee may find it helpful to consult with an attorney who has knowledge of Tennessee animal bite laws to answer their questions.

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