Information is crucial when filing a claim after a truck accident

After any accident, there are many legal and procedural requirements that can make filing a claim for injuries suffered a difficult process. When the vehicle involved is a truck, the case can become even more complicated. In Tennessee, the victim of a truck accident may find that not only may it be necessary to consider federal regulations, but if they do not act quickly, the company owning the truck may be working on a defense within hours after the accident.

A local firm like ours, that is driven to achieve the best results for each of our clients, is in the most ideal position to explain such a process to you. Through our experience, we have become knowledgeable about the legislation governing truck accidents. We have also learned to investigate accidents and look for information from a number of sources.

Many trucks have black boxes, just as the ones on commercial airplanes, which can provide useful information that may assist in understanding what happened during an accident. At the same time, a GPS device can provide helpful information regarding possible driver fatigue, while logs showing phone calls can help prove the possibility of a distracted driver. Records, such as the logbooks kept by drivers and the records companies keep regarding hiring information and the maintenance of trucks, can also be helpful.

Victims of truck accidents in Tennessee who are considering filing a personal injury claim may benefit from a free consultation to assess their position. Your questions will be answered and the processes will be explained. To find out more about personal injury claims after a truck accident, please visit our truck accident page.

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