Dog that caused personal injury to vet allowed to go home

Tennessee dog owners may benefit from the recommendations of the owners of a dog in another state. After their dog attacked a veterinarian, they advise that all dogs should be muzzled when visiting the vet, as legal proceedings that follow a dog attack could be financially devastating. In fact, it may be wise to muzzle a dog whenever it is taken off one’s property, or in the presence of people other than its owners. Dog bites can cause significant personal injury that may result in substantial medical and other costs.

The incident occurred when the dog was taken to a vet to have the stitches removed after being neutered. As the vet bent down to examine the stitches, the dog bit her on the arms and in the face. The dog was muzzled and left alone for half an hour, and upon the return of the vet and her technician, the muzzle was removed. Without hesitation, the dog attacked the technician, leaving deep gashes on her forearm, and both victims were admitted to the hospital. Following this attack, a complaint was filed by the office of the state attorney.

In the court case that followed, the owners fought for their dog, and it was ruled that the dog should be released to its owners. However, they had to agree to strict conditions, including building an enclosure outside with a floor and roof, and keeping the dog on a leash with a maximum length of 4 feet whenever they take it outside. In addition, the dog has to be muzzled whenever there are people, other than its owners, present. The couple was informed that regular inspections would be conducted.

It is a fact that dog attacks can cause emotional trauma, and the resulting physical wounds could leave significant scars, especially when the victims are children. Tennessee residents who have suffered dog bite injuries may have incurred substantial financial losses in medical expenses. Assistance is available for guiding dog bite victims through the procedures of filing a personal injury claim in a civil court. Receiving a monetary judgement may cover medical and other expenses and provide some financial relief.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Pit bull attack leads to rare vicious dog case“, Gregory Pratt, June 06, 2014




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