Tennessee teen dies tragically in a truck accident

During the second week of June, a teenager died tragically after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. The Tennessee truck accident happened shortly after 11 o’clock in front of a truck stop along Highway 46. Although all fatal accidents are tragic, when the victim is so very young it seems so much worse.

At the time of the accident, the 16-year-old boy was travelling in his pick-up truck pulling a trailer on which he carried a lawnmower. Mowing was his way of making money for the summer holiday. The southbound travelling teenage driver found it impossible to stop quickly enough when a northbound tractor-trailer turned directly into the path of his pick-up truck in order to enter the parking area at the truck stop. The pick-up truck crashed into the trailer of the truck and came to rest underneath it.

The investigation into the accident is still on-going. No charges were filed immediately against the truck driver, but pending the outcome of the investigation, they may follow. Even if criminal charges are not filed, the family of the deceased will have the option of filing a wrongful death suit in a civil court should the investigation indicate that the driver of the tractor-trailer was negligent.

In Tennessee, a seriously injured victim of a truck accident or the family of a deceased accident victim may file a civil claim for monetary damages arising from the accident if negligence is proven. Successfully litigated wrongful death or personal injury claims may provide for the reimbursement of any monetary damages. Damages awarded in successfully presented claims may assist the victims or their families in recovering from the stress of unexpected expenses.

Source: wkrn.com, “Teen killed after pickup, 18-wheeler collide in Dickson“, , June 12, 2014




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