Fatal truck accident kills motorcyclist

Fatal crashes occur on our roadways in and around Knox County with alarming frequency. Each time a driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, a duty of reasonable care is owed to everyone. A tractor-trailer is so large and weighs in the tens of thousands of pounds, meaning that any truck accident could potentially be fatal for others in its path. When a negligent truck driver strikes a motorcycle, it is difficult to speculate the probability for survival – because it is rare.

On August 3, at around 10:00 a.m., a tractor-trailer struck a motorcycle on Highway 129, about three miles from the North Carolina border. The stretch of highway is known as “The Dragon.” Police say the northbound truck crossed over the center lane at a curve and collided with the southbound motorcycle.

The 45-year-old cyclist was thrown under the truck, along with his motorcycle, and was run over by its wheels. When rescue personnel arrived at the scene, the victim was responsive and able to communicate. Sadly, the man died as he was being transported to Blount Memorial Hospital.

In a matter of seconds, a life is destroyed at the hands of the careless inattentive action of another. The family of the victim will now have to struggle to cope with their sudden and complete loss. It is a senseless tragedy that should have easily been avoided.

Personal injury law in Knox County and throughout Tennessee entitles victims of negligence to recover monetary damages for their loss of wages, medical expenses, and in the case of this victim, funeral costs. An attorney experienced in handling personal injury claims arising from fatal crashes may be able to guide the family to determine the appropriate next step as well as to hold any negligent party accountable for their wrongful actions.

Source: WBIR, “Motorcycle driver dies on way to hospital after crash along “The Dragon”,” Aug. 3, 2011




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