How to protect children from a dog bite

Owning a dog is a desire millions of people have throughout the country. Dogs make great pets. They are loyal to a fault and provide you with unconditional love. But, not all dogs are safe for children to be around. Some dogs simply do not like strangers, especially children, who can be a little rough without knowing it. Here’s how you can protect children from a dog bite.

Teach your children to always avoid unknown dogs. It’s understandable that there are dogs in your neighborhood, many of which you likely know, but your child should never approach a dog that is loose or unknown in the area. This could lead to a tragic event.

Tell your children to always ask the dog owner first if they can pet the dog. A child should never simply walk up to a dog and begin petting it. You need to make sure that the dog is friendly and likes being touched, especially by children.

Children must be taught to never take a dog’s food, treats, toys or pull their tail. They might think that this is playing with the dog, but it can lead to an attack. The dog does not understand that the child is simply playing.

When a child is playing with a dog, he or she must learn that when the dog walks away, it is done playing. The child should not chase the dog or force it to stay. If the dog wants to play again it will return to the child.

When a dog is in its crate or bed, the child should leave it alone as it is trying to rest or nap. You should enforce the notion that these areas are a dog’s safe place and they should not be bothered when in them.

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