Personal injury claim after dog attacks delivery man

A recently filed civil case in another state following a dog attack places the focus on the responsibilities of dog owners, once again. In the personal injury claim, the plaintiff alleges that he was attacked while making a delivery to the home of the dog owner and that the owner acted negligently. If the incident occurred in Tennessee, a similar claim could be made under the state’s dog bite injury laws. 

The plaintiff alleges that the incident occurred while he was making a Chinese takeout delivery to the home of the  dog owner. According to him, the dog pushed opened the door of the house as he was nearing it. The dog then bit his hand and would not let go. The deliveryman claims that his hand was badly injured, causing him to suffer damages.

According to the victim, there were no signs anywhere indicating that there was a dangerous dog on the property. In addition, the owner clearly did not secure the dog, on a leash or otherwise, although he was expecting the delivery. A jury trial has requested by the victim, and he is seeking compensation of $100,000 for the damages sustained by him.

It is important for all dog owners in Tennessee to ensure their dogs do not harm other people. A court may award financial damages to a dog bite victim in a successfully litigated personal injury claim. The damages are typically intended to compensate the victims for medical costs, pain and suffering, loss of income and any other monetary losses resulting from the injuries suffered. 

Source:, “Delivery man alleges injuries from dog bite“, Michael Abella, Oct. 21, 2016




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