Possibility of workers’ compensation after OHSA investigation

Tennessee foundry workers may benefit from taking note of a recent result in an OHSA investigation at a foundry. The out-of-state business was cited by OHSA for several violations, and the findings may benefit other workers in the industry. The possibility that the company in question will have to face claims for workers’ compensation in the future is a good possibility.

The investigation resulted from a complaint received by OHSA in which it was alleged that workers were exposed to hazardous working conditions. Occupational safety investigators found that workers at the foundry were exposed to high levels of lead – seven times higher than the set limits, in addition to unacceptable levels of airborne cadmium. Furthermore, workers were also left unprotected against unacceptable noise levels.

According to an OSHA spokesperson, employees working in such conditions may later face serious health issues, which can even be life-altering. Both of the chemicals the workers were exposed to are extremely toxic. The toxicity of lead and the influence on an exposed person’s organs, reproductive and nervous system are widely known. Cadmium exposure over a long term may affect a person’s kidneys as well as increase the chances of lung or prostate cancer.

Employers are required to protect their employees against exposure to dangerous working conditions. When workers are exposed to such dangerous conditions workers’ compensation becomes a possibility. Should an employee suffer serious health issues due to unacceptable levels of exposure to a toxin in their place of work, he or she may benefit from consulting a Tennessee workers’ compensation lawyer for a case evaluation.

Source: ohsonline.com, “Lancaster Workers Exposed to Excessively High Levels of Lead, Cadmium: OSHA“, March 23, 2016




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