Victims of 18-wheeler crashes — we can help

When an accident between a large semi-truck and a car or motorcycle happens, there is little doubt on who has the best chance of escaping unharmed. The consequences of 18-wheeler crashes can be catastrophic, leaving victims and/or their families devastated. To make matters worse, truck companies often have the financial means to do everything possible to ensure a defense in the case of a claim, while victims may still be wondering if they can afford to claim.

Our Tennessee law firm is experienced in dealing with truck accident claims and can advise you, as the victim, on all the difficult legal matters and required procedures. We have assisted many clients who have been seriously injured in a truck accident (or who have lost a family member to such an accident). We will work tirelessly to pursue financial awards on your behalf in personal injury or wrongful death claims.

There is a vast amount of information which can benefit a claimant after a truck accident. Much of this information lies with the trucker and the trucking company and is not always easy to obtain. Information from the truck’s black box and GPS device, as well as the driver’s log book and company records regarding maintenance records, can provide important information needed to strengthen a victim’s case.

In Tennessee, there are numerous 18-wheeler crashes every year. If you are a victim of such an accident and are considering filing a personal injury claim, you may benefit from a free consultation with us. Your questions will be answered, the circumstances of your claim discussed and the civil claims process explained. To find out more about personal injury claims after a truck accident, please visit our personal injury claims after a truck accident, please visit our truck page.




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