Protecting warehouse workers from a workplace injury

In the greater scheme of things, warehouses do not seem to be the most dangerous work places, but warehouses do harbor a number of dangers. That is why business owners must ensure that they have protocols in place in order to ensure the safety of their workers. They can never lose sight of the fact that a workplace injury or death is catastrophic for everybody involved.

Tennessee warehouse workers also should never lose sight of the dangers in their workplace.  When one considers that approximately 20,000 workers suffer severe workplace injuries in forklift related accidents every year, while approximately 100 fatalities occur, it is clear that too many forklift operators and workers in the vicinity of a forklift are exposed to unsafe working conditions.  Apart from forklift related accidents, there are many other areas in a warehouse where safety precautions are imperative.

The most prevalent danger areas in a warehouse are the docks, the conveyor belts and storage areas.  Activities which often also lead to injury relate to the handling of stock, particularly when manual lifting is required. Furthermore, workers are often injured because of damage to pallets in a pallet rack and a lack of protocol regarding their repair.

Workplace injuries are very often life-changing and may result in an inability to work at all. A warehouse worker in Tennessee who has suffered a workplace injury may elect to file workers’ compensation claim. Damages awarded in a successfully navigated claim may assist the injured worker in meeting associated expenses, such as medical and rehabilitation costs, as well as loss of income.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Business Owners Must Give Thought to Warehouse Safety“, Larry Alton, Oct. 30, 2015




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