SSD and wait times: Are they getting any better?

Social Security disability benefits are available for qualifying applicants who were injured or suffer an illness that results in the inability to work. These benefits are designed to help ensure that recipients can meet their financial obligations. Once approved, the recipient receives money to help cover basic costs, like rent, groceries and the like. Unfortunately, the amount of time it takes for an application to receive approval can make paying for even the most basic needs very difficult.

To make things even more difficult, it appears wait times for approval are getting even worse. 

What is the average wait time for Social Security disability benefit application approval? A recent report by Nasdaq’s Globe Newswire notes that the average wait time for a decision after a hearing in the first quarter of 2017 was 78 days. This is up from the reported 56 days of wait time in 2015.

Although waiting over two months would likely cause problems for those who need to pay bills on its own, that is far from the total wait time an applicant can wait to receive benefits. This two month period of time is in addition to the 583 days of average wait that occurs prior to a hearing.

This means applicants can be forced to wait almost two years before receiving benefits.

How can I get my benefits in a timely manner? This wait time can increase even more if the application is denied and an appeal is required. These times can be reduced by getting everything in order the first time around. An attorney can help with this process. 




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