The 5 most common workplace injuries

Going to work is dangerous for those who work as first responders and in other inherently dangerous fields. But, for most workers in Tennessee, going to work should not bring with it anxiety or fear that injury or illness could occur. Here are the top five most common workplace injuries.

Overexertion injuries are the most common workplace injuries. These are injuries suffered by pulling, pushing, holding, lifting, throwing and carrying items at work. This is also the most expensive workplace injury today.

Slipping or tripping at work is the second most common workplace injury. This injury typically occurs when an employee slips on a wet floor or trips over an object left in the middle of the floor that shouldn’t be there.

The third most common workplace injury is falling from heights. These falls happen when employees fall from roofs, stairs, elevators, ladders and other items they climb on during the workday. Falls from heights do not only happen at construction sites. They can occur just about anywhere.

Reaction injuries are listed as the fourth most common workplace injuries. These injuries occur when a person slips and trips but does not fall. This can cause the person to suffer muscle injuries or trauma to other areas of the body.

The fifth most common workplace injury is being hit by a falling object. Again, this can happen at any workplace, not just on a construction site. The most common injury that results from being hit by a falling object is a head injury. Proper personal protective equipment can help prevent this injury.

If you have suffered an injury or have become ill in the workplace, contact our Knoxville workers’ compensation firm to protect your rights and find out how you can acquire compensation for your injuries.




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