Tennessee bridge construction site plagued by fatal accidents

Construction jobs can be hazardous, and accidents in the workplace can be the cause of serious injury or even the loss of life. But some work sites seem to be more prone to serious accidents than others. A bridge in Tennessee that has been under construction for some time has been the site of multiple serious and fatal construction accidents.

A construction worker at the Henley Street Bridge in Knoxville lost his life recently after a chunk of concrete fell from the bridge and struck him in the head. The 50-year-old man was reportedly wearing a safety helmet at the time of the accident, but did not survive the impact.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) suspended all work at the site. TDOT and the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration (TOSHA) have launched an investigation into the accident.

This is not the first serious accident at the Henley Street Bridge construction site. Earlier in the year, a worker was killed and two others injured when they were knocked into the water. TOSHA fined the company managing the build more than $16,000 for numerous violations, not all of which were related to the accident.

After this most recent death, TDOT has disqualified the builder from bidding on any future projects, pending a review of the company’s safety procedures.

Workplace accidents can occur at any time and can have serious consequences. When an accident like this happens, an outside investigation can determine if negligent behavior is to blame for the tragedy. Although workers’ compensation benefits may be available to individuals who have suffered serious injury on the job, if another party’s negligence is to blame, it may also be possible to seek compensation in a third-party liability personal injury lawsuit.

Damages can also be sought by families who have lost a loved one in an accident of this nature.

Source: Volunteertv.com, TDOT halts construction after second deadly accident at Henley St. Bridge, Kate Burgess, 25 May, 2011




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