Tennessee couple injured in car accident

Not all drivers obey traffic laws as strenuously as they should. The failure to obey traffic signs and signals can result in serious accidents. A car accident that took place in Tennessee last week came as a direct result of a driver’s failure to obey the rules of the road and left two people injured.

According to reports, a 40-year-old man made an illegal U-turn on Alcoa Highway that resulted in a collision. The driver of the second car was a 25-year-old Knoxville resident.

Emergency responders were immediately dispatched to the scene where they confirmed that the driver suffered an injury to his arm and his 22-year-old female passenger suffered a head injury. The pair was immediately transported via ambulance to University of Tennessee Medical Center for treatment of injuries sustained in the crash.

Police reports have confirmed that the collision caused the second car to flip and land upside down in a culvert. In a panic, the driver at fault fled the scene, but within 30 minutes he had contacted police to turn himself in. He is currently being held in lieu of bond and has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident and driving with a revoked license.

Separately, the gentleman was charged in another city for having no proof of insurance and failure to yield to the right of way. He was also served with a warrant for contempt of court in Knox County.

The man injured in the accident was treated and released from the hospital. No information was available about his passenger.

Source: Thedailytimes.com, Louisville man charged in Alcoa Highway hit-and-run, Iva Butler, 09 Jun, 2011




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