Tennessee firefighters extricate 3 people from a car wreck

Firefighters had to extricate the occupants of a turned-over vehicle recently. The car wreck was the result of a car chase between a male driver and the highway patrol. Three people sustained injuries in the accident that occurred in Tennessee on Jan. 10. The car chase took place during a roadblock launched by Tennessee authorities to check drivers’ licenses.

When a southbound driver noticed the checkpoint, he turned around and raced away. THP officials saw the approaching vehicle turn around. They followed him, and the pursuit went on for approximately one mile. At that time, the driver lost control and the vehicle went flying across a creek and landed upside down.

The names of the occupants of the vehicle were originally withheld. Aside from the driver, age 24, the other occupants of the car were a female, age 22, and a little boy, age 3. None of them were critically injured, but they were all transported to medical facilities. A THP official reported that the reason for the man speeding away was still unclear, and the investigation into the accident is continuing.

When the driver of a vehicle causes a car wreck due to negligence, the passengers have the right to file personal injury claims in a Tennessee court. In some cases, the extent of the injuries is not immediately evident but may cause medical problems at a later stage. If personal injury claims are successfully litigated, the court may award restitution to the injured parties. Medical expenses as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident can be staggering. Restitution received may cover those unexpected expenses.

Source: tennessean.com, THP releases names in 3-injury wreck, Cheri Reeves, Jan. 10, 2014




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