Tennessee personal injury: Eight killed in bus crash

A devastating accident occurred on the highway. During a bus trip, the bus crossed the median on a Tennessee roadway after a tire exploded on the vehicle. The crash resulted in 14 people suffering from personal injury and eight others losing their lives.

The accident reportedly occurred while the bus was transporting a group of people back to their destination after a trip. During their travels, a tire blew, causing the bus to cross the median and hit an SUV. The bus then hit a tractor-trailer, and upon impact, the tractor-trailer caught on fire. The dreadful accident caused 14 people to suffer injuries and nine of the individuals were said to be in serious to critical condition.

Eight of the victims in the crash have died, including the driver of the tractor-trailer and an occupant in the SUV. Six others who were on board the bus were also among the deceased. Authorities have not yet determined what caused the tire of the bus to blow out.

A car accident is usually a dangerous and sometimes deadly event. The victims have likely experienced drastic life changes since they became injured. The other victims of this heartbreaking event are now deceased, leaving family members without their loved ones. Victims who suffered serious injuries may have the right to pursue personal injury lawsuits in Tennessee against the bus driver or the bus company. The surviving families also retain the right to initiate legal action and may receive financial compensation if evidence deems the other party responsible for the crash.

Source: Huffington Post, Tennessee Bus Crash Results In Multiple Deaths, Steve Megargee, Travis Loller, Oct. 2, 2013




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