Was a flying part due to driver negligence in Tennessee crash?

A tragic accident occurred on the interstate. The accident has claimed the life of a 77-year-old woman. The unusual incident unfolded when part of an SUV broke through the window of the vehicle she was a passenger in. Tennessee authorities have not filed any criminal charges for driver negligence, however, one of the drivers has been cited.

Authorities indicate that the accident occurred when the woman was traveling with her husband in the morning hours along the interstate. Reportedly, during their travels, the drive shaft of the Dodge SUV in front of them suddenly fell off. The part ricochet off one vehicle, then came crashing through the windshield, striking the woman as she was in the passenger’s seat. Sadly, the woman died as a result of her injuries.

The woman has left behind her children, grandchildren and her husband. The driver of the Dodge was issued a citation as a cause of the accident, however, authorities have not filed criminal charges since this was a mechanical error and was not due to malicious intent. Authorities are still investigating this tragedy.

The surviving family in this case has made funeral arrangements. Although the driver of the Dodge was not criminally charged in this incident, he may be held civilly liable in a Tennessee courtroom for the woman’s death. The family of the deceased retains the right to pursue a legal claim against the driver of the Dodge and the court may award monetary damages if driver negligence is found to have caused or substantially contributed to the victim’s death.

Source: cherokeetribune.com, Canton woman, 77, dies in automobile crash in Tennessee, Joshua Sharpe, Sept. 25, 2013




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