Tennessee truck accident kills 2, injures 1

Tennessee authorities reported that two men died in an accident during the early evening on a Saturday at the end of February. The accident between a semi truck and a sedan also left one person injured. According to reports the truck accident happened when the semi truck hit the sedan from rear.

At the moment of impact both vehicles were traveling in the same direction on the highway. When the tractor-trailer hit the sedan it caused both vehicles to careen across the highway lanes into a cement pillar of a bridge. The severity of the impact led to the 54-year-old male driver of the semi truck being flung from his vehicle, despite wearing a seat belt. He landed in the path of an oncoming vehicle, which hit him. He died at the scene of the accident due to the injuries he suffered.

The 81-year-old male driver of the sedan also died due to injuries suffered in the truck accident, while his 75-year-old female passenger was injured. No further information regarding the severity of her injuries is available. The matter is under investigation.

In Tennessee, the families of victims of a truck accident may elect to initiate a wrongful death claim, while a seriously injured party may choose to file a personal injury claim. In each instance a successful claim may lead to a court awarding damages to the claimants. The money received from a successful claim may assist with unexpected financial expenses, such as medical costs, as well as possible loss of income resulting from the accident.

Source: bdtonline.com, Two southern W.Va. men die in Tennessee crash, Greg Jordan, Feb. 24, 2014




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