Tennessee workers’ compensation example in out-of-state accident

Tennessee workers face a myriad of situations and circumstances that can be potentially dangerous. While many people see the inherent dangers of working sites with heavy machinery, moving parts or chemicals, even ordinary jobs can prove dangerous or fatal. Thankfully, Tennessee has workers’ compensation laws in place to protect the victims of a devastating workplace accident and their families.

One recent out-of-state accident shows how easily an accident can occur, and just how tragic it can be. Reports state that a 54-year-old man was helping to unload materials with a Bobcat from a trailer. The man was working on a skid while unloading the materials. According to witnesses, the man became pinned after leaving the trailer to pull down the door. Apparently, the skid tipped, causing the Bobcat to pin him.

Witnesses also report that the man was only pinned for a short time and that during and immediately after the rescue, he was breathing and awake. He was transported to a local hospital, but unfortunately, died later that day. An autopsy will be performed to determine exactly what caused his death. Tragic accidents like this one may serve as an example to Tennessee workers the importance of being vigilant and careful, in any situation.

There can be no doubt that the family of this worker is devastated. Beyond their emotional grief, the family may also be facing financial hardship from lost wages and any medical expenses. Thankfully, under Tennessee’s workers’ compensation laws, they may be able to file a claim for death benefits, which can provide much needed relief. While these types of claims can be complex, these families may rest easy knowing that help is available to them, to help them as they manage life without their loved one.

Source: fox19.com, “Man killed on the job in Batavia at Towne Construction,” April 4, 2013




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