Treating dogs like humans can be dangerous

When a dog bites someone, it’s common for the owner to be shocked and surprised, claiming that it’s never been a problem before.

The issue, some experts say, is that people tend to treat dogs like human beings. This ignores what dogs need and what they are. It can put them in dangerous and problematic situations. Owners may be surprised by the bite, but they shouldn’t be. They let it happen.

For instance, some owners will let children play with their dogs, even though it’s clear that the young kids — a toddler, for example — don’t know how to be careful around the dog. Parents act like the dog is a logical adult rather than an animal. When the pestering and prodding from the toddler gets to be too much and the dog snaps, they can’t believe it.

It almost sounds too simple to point out, but the dog is not a human and is not thinking as a person would. It’s an animal who is reacting to a potential threat. The dog doesn’t understand that the toddler falling on top of it and poking it in the eye is just an unsteady walker and not someone who is intentionally attacking.

Many dog owners would tell you that they understand the difference, but their actions tell the real story. They don’t step in when they should. They let dogs roam without a leash.

Through their negligence, these owners can be responsible for bites that could have easily been avoided. It’s very important for those who have been injured, or their parents, to know what legal rights they may have to financial compensation.

Source: The Week, “Your dog is not a human being. Stop treating her like one.,” Leslie Turnbull, accessed Oct. 11, 2017




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