Why is it more dangerous to drive during winter?

With cooler temperatures coming soon in Tennessee, it is time to act more cautiously when driving. While Knoxville does not get much snow every year, usually around six inches, it is enough to make driving substantially harder. 

You should remain vigilant on roadways all year long. However, winter poses significant dangers that you typically do not see during the spring and summer. Avoid a dangerous car accident by remaining cognizant of the hazards. 

Light snow is more dangerous than heavy snow

Knoxville gets about six inches of snowfall annually. That does not sound like much, especially compared to some areas of the country that receive several dozen inches every year. However, a little snow can actually be more dangerous. When it is coming down hard, most people know to stay inside. Businesses and schools even close, so people do not have to drive. However, with a little snow, most drivers assume they can handle it to get to work. Drivers who are overly confident are more at risk of ending up in an accident because they take fewer precautions.

Cars break down in poor conditions

Before the temperature drops too much, you want to take your vehicle to an expeirenced technician for a full-scale examination. You want to make sure all the interior components work as they should. You also want the expert to look at your tires to ensure the tread is good. 

Salt poses unique risks

Drivers also need to be wary of salt on the roads. Many people salt their driveways and parking lots. Cities even send trucks out to salt roadways to get rid of ice faster. However, this can be dangerous. At low enough temperatures, salt freezes and causes the surface of roadways to become more slippery. A road that looks safe to drive across may be more slippery than you realize, opening you up to unnecessary dangers. 




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