Uninsured motorist insurance may help with Tennessee car wrecks

Did you know that different types of auto insurance can protect you in the event of a car crash? Without the right type of car insurance, you put yourself at financial risk when a car wreck occurs. Take the time to learn more about your insurance options – and provide yourself with additional legal protection – with our educational blog post today.

What types of auto insurance exist for Tennessee drivers? You may be familiar with collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. Combined, these protect your vehicle if it is affected by theft, fire, weather damage or collision with another object. Medical payment insurance is also available to provide you with financial assistance if you or your passengers require medical treatment after a crash.

What about a collision with an uninsured motorist? Yes, Tennessee insurance companies offer options to help you recover financial compensation if you are involved in a wreck with an uninsured driver. These drivers are often unable to provide victims with financial damages for medical expenses and other costs, leaving the injured party to pay for treatment on their own. Uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist insurance can provide you with an additional layer of protection if you are involved in an accident.

Will I need help recovering money from insurance companies? The truth: All insurance companies are in it for themselves. Many refuse to pay benefits, even though they have been promised according to insurance contracts. Victims in an underinsured motorist accident may have difficulty recovering the compensation they need and deserve, which is why it is critical to retain a personal injury attorney to assist. These professionals can provide you with the information you need to recover the damages you deserve after suffering serious injuries in a car crash.

Source: ABC 17 News, “Learn the Varying Types of Auto Insurance,” March 29, 2017




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