Who handles workers’ compensation for federal employees?

If you are a federal employee in Tennessee, you may not know that your workplace protections may be different from people who work for a private company. In fact, workers’ compensation for federal employees are handled differently through the federal system, so you need specialized knowledge to make sure your claims are handled properly. The good news is that the feds have been working to streamline the workers’ compensation system in an effort to protect those who have suffered workplace injury.

What are the general tenets of the federal workers’ compensation program? This government office, called the Division of Federal Employees’ Compensation, or DFEC, offers a variety of services to victims who have suffered workplace injury. DFEC is designed to provide payments for medical costs, offer workers’ compensation benefits to victims and their surviving kin, and assist with vocational rehabilitation for those who are medically capable of returning to work.

Since DFEC is a public government organization, it is fairly transparent with its processes. The department commits to speedy resolution of workers’ compensation claims, with the vast majority adjudicated in 45 days or fewer. DFEC is committed to prompt payment of medical bills and associated costs, and its team ostensibly supports return-to-work programs for everyone who is medically eligible.

Although these are laudable goals, the fact is that DFEC and other workers’ compensation organizations often fail to provide the help that victims really need. People who are having difficulty recovering damages or help because of their workplace injury may benefit from consulting with a team of legal professionals. The fact that you were hurt on the job does not mean your life is over – with legal help, you can improve the likelihood of recovering workers’ compensation costs.

Source: United States Department of Labor, “Division of Federal Employees’ Compensation (DFEC),” accessed March 29, 2017




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