What Causes Social Security Disability To Stop?

Social Security Disability benefits provide cash assistance to Tennesee residents who are no longer able to work because of health issues. The employee must meet the guidelines of the Social Security Administration to qualify for SSD. It is important to know how the benefits work, so the recipient does not risk losing their income.

SSD income can get stopped for a number of reasons. Reaching full retirement age (FRA), which is typically between 65 and 67, usually stops the SSD benefits. It then changes to social security, because employees cannot receive SSD and social security. Employees can file for early retirement at 62, but it decreases Social Security benefits by 30%.

The exception is if the employee filed for early retirement and the Social Security Disability Administration (SSDA) determined them disabled. However, applying for retirement with hopes of being qualified for SSD comes with a risk. The retirement benefits will be reduced permanently because the recipient attempted to claim them before FRA.

Returning to work could also stop access to SSD, but a person may be able to get into a program that allows them to keep working. The programs commonly include vocational training with a trial work period of nine months. The applicant still receives the benefits no matter how much they make during the period and still qualify as disabled. A recipient may also lose benefits if they have to serve more than 30 days in prison.

SSD benefits could stop if a person is no longer considered disabled. The SSDA has strict rules that determine whether or not an applicant is disabled. The applicant’s condition must be among the list of qualifying conditions in the SSDA’s list. The condition prevents the person from doing basic mobility, such as lifting or walking, which impacts full performance on the job. The condition must be diagnosed to be permanent and be present for at 12 months.

Anyone who loses benefits due to a prison sentence or from no longer qualifying can reapply, but they may get denied. A lawyer with knowledge of Social Security Disability benefits may be able to help them file an appeal.




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